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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be involved with the creative direction?

Absolutely! As your strategic video marketing partner, we’ll guide you with the knowledge we’ve acquired from our 10 years (and counting) in the biz while weaving in the personalized elements that are unique to you, your business, and your organization. We strike the perfect balance of strategy + creativity and you remain involved every step of the way.

Who owns my video after it is produced?

You will own your brand film 100% upon payment of all invoices. We never charge usage fees and you will not be required to give credit to Bentley Media when sharing the film online.

How long does it take to produce a marketing video?

Production time is typically 30-90 days. The complexity of the project, number of shoot days, and shoot locations are factors in the turnaround time as well as budget. 

Can you use the footage I already have to edit a new brand video for me?

Of course. We can use your pre-existing footage, and we will spruce it up to the best of our ability to create your new brand video. However, please note that if your footage is shaky, out of focus, washed out or contains low quality audio, there is a limit to how much we can “clean it up”.

Do you also do photography?

We've partnered with several photographers with expertise in creating marketing imagery to supplement your project.

What happens if I need to cancel the production?

We offer a free cancellation period of 7 days after project agreements are signed.

Beyond this period, all cancellations are subject to a $1,000 cancellation fee or greater plus the quoted cost of services already rendered and for any additional expenses incurred by Bentley Media.

Do you travel?

Yes we are based in Atlanta, however we will travel to you for an appopriate fee. 

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