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Meet Julia Regeski, Our New Marketing Specialist

Bentley Media is excited to introduce Julia Regeski as our new Marketing Specialist! Julia is getting ready to graduate from The University of North Georgia (UNG) with a Bachelor of Arts in English Writing and Publication and I am thrilled to have her on board.

Julia has worked alongside UNG University Relations, Cloud Sherpas, and served as a Co-Managing Editor of the UNG Student Newspaper. She wrote and edited corporate whitepaper and blog posts as well as wrote and managed international social media campaigns. She holds additional training in grant writing, journalism, technical writing, research, and public relations.

Her passion is to help people share their meaningful stories, which aligns perfectly with our mission as a growing marketing and video production company.

I worked with Julia previously with the UNG Student Newspaper and when she answered my call to join Bentley Media, I knew that she would be a great asset to this company. Welcome Julia!

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