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How to Use Selfie Video Marketing to Connect with Your Crowd (Wherever They are)

We probably don’t have to tell you this, but the marketing world has been flipped upside down.

Whether you attribute it to the technological revolution or the more recent global pandemic and following quarantine, gone are the days when some distant corporation could spit out some loud-talking 30-second TV spot and call it a day.

Add on top of that the fact that the marketing (for lack of a better word) “market” is completely over-saturated with content, and you might be left wondering, “what else is there?”

It’s time to go back to basics and focus on what really matters - what it is that you’re marketing. At the heart of any product or service are people. After all, your business couldn’t be a business without the humans working to run it or support it as customers.

People identify with people, and perhaps that’s why connecting with your audience face-to-face (or front facing camera-to-screen) can be so effective.

Selfie video marketing makes this theory personal. It’s illustrated when a spokesperson speaks from their own experience directly to the audience about any given topic through a video. It’s already proven to be wildly successful with large and small business owners, mainly due to the fact that audiences respond positively to someone speaking to them rather than marketing at them.

This idea definitely has some things in common with personal branding, as in both schools of thought you’re using your face, your name, your professional association to connect with people. While it may seem intimidating to lean on your own personality instead of a team of marketing pros, Forbes explains a few reasons why personal branding and putting your best face forward can be beneficial:

  • It builds credibility.

  • It strengthens your network.

  • It gives you better job stability and client retention.

  • It boosts sales.

Understanding that selfie video marketing works and actually pressing that red record button are two different things. If wondering what to talk about is what’s stopping you, consider some of the following ideas for inspiration. You can always

  • Explain the rationale behind a recent big decision

  • Talk about an upcoming event and why you’re looking forward to it

  • Offer some tips on a new product or offering

  • Get into how you give back to your community and why it’s important

Whatever you talk about, it’s important to remember that, as founder of Vignette University Maxwell Bentley puts it, “nobody knows your business better than you do, and sharing vignettes is your opportunity to position yourself as an expert AND make yourself approachable.”

While there are a plethora of tools available to make filming selfie videos easier, there’s no filter for authenticity.

Learn how to channel your natural storytelling ability and make it work for you by enrolling in Vignette University, where Bentley Media Group founder (and creator of dozens of successful selfie videos) will teach you

  • How to build an engaged audience with virtually no startup costs

  • How to do so using technology you already have and use it in the most effective way possible

  • How to push through the self-consciousness that comes with recording and publishing your own videos

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