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What to Wear on Camera: Your 3 Step Guide

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

It’s officially sweater weather! But PRETTY please, don’t wear a crazy-busy patterned sweater for your brand video.

You’ve written your sales script, struck gold with natural light from your office window, found a clean background-check, check, and check. But hear me out…if you throw off all that goodness with a wardrobe that doesn’t work, that is ALL your dream clients are going to be looking at.

Before you press record, do a wardrobe check. Drab black blouse? Neon green necktie? A dress that’s so vibrant it looks like you tripped into a pack of Skittles?

One of the top questions our clients ask when we’re scheduling a brand video shoot is “What do I wear?”

While everyone will have a slightly different answer, there are some general guidelines we always share-and they’re worth implementing anytime you’ll be on video too.

Choose Warming Colors

Muted, jewel toned colors are flattering on almost everyone-think deep burgundy, navy, plum, indigo, gray, and forest green.

Avoid white and bright yellows-not only will they wash you out, they reflect light, and your videographer (or your camera, if you’re shooting selfie-style) will have a hard time adjusting the exposure. A white dress shirt peeking out from underneath a suit jacket won’t pose a problem-but keep neckties warm colored and solid.

Black absorbs too much light and can drain color from your face. Bright red poses the same problem.

While tiny patterns are okay, most videographers agree that solid colors are best overall. Save the vivid shades and geometric patterns for the office party, and stick with warm, solid, muted colors for your brand video. Make sure you’re not wearing any visible logos (unless they're YOUR logos!). Opt for simple and classic styles over what’s trendy.

Create contrast with your background. If you’re wearing a blue shirt, don’t stand in front of a blue wall-you get the picture.

And for crying out loud...don’t wear green if you’re taking advantage of our on-site green screen service!

Wear Simple Jewelry

Understated accessories are best, nothing too ornate or flashy. Think small stud or hoop earrings, a thin necklace, or a simple, classic wristwatch.

Keep Makeup Minimal

Use clean, moisturized skin as a canvas for light foundation, powder, neutral eye makeup, and a subtle lip color. A color that is one shade darker than your natural lip color is always flattering.

All attention should be on you, your story, and how your eyes light up when you talk about it.

The truth is, you have a lot of control in guiding your viewer to focus on what you want them to-you’re the director of your video.

By keeping your wardrobe warm and solid, your jewelry simple, and your makeup minimal, you’ll ensure your prospects are watching you and only you every time!

What are you going to wear for your next video shoot? Let me know your plans!

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