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It’s Official. We’re Practicing Safe Sets.

Capturing a story on video is no easy feat, even under normal circumstances. You’re taking a chance, putting yourself and your mission on camera for the world to see. Maybe it’s new to you, maybe you’re not sure about how it plays into the big picture, maybe you’re having a bad hair day.

Luckily, with Bentley Media Group, you’ve got one less thing to worry about when you decide it’s time to create some fresh video content. We are dedicated to keeping our clients safe while filming, and we’ve got the procedures and innovations to prove it. Read on or watch this to learn how.

The Bare Necessities

Before we even schedule filming, all Bentley Media Group crew complete a wellness questionnaire, attesting that they have been following recommended safety precautions. We then select a small, essential number of staff to assist with your filming. These staff members are then required to complete a temperature check and wear a mask for the duration of their time on set. Of course, everyone on set is also required to wash hands regularly and practice social distancing as much as possible.

Above and Beyond

Bentley Media Group is proud to have completed COVID-19 prevention training designed specifically for those working in video production. Safe Sets International is made up of leaders from the film industry who work to advocate for health and safety on set by providing helpful and well-researched information verified by medical community partners.

Their training program communicates the most current transmission-reducing guidelines relevant to filmmakers, producers, crew, and industry professionals. The materials in these procedures have been reviewed by medical experts and sourced using reputable, science-driven resources. Our completion of their Safe Sets COVID-19 (Level A) for the Film and Video Production Industry proves that we are knowledgeable about upholding a safe production environment and that we value your safety above all else.

More Than Making It Work

As Zoom became the watering hole for all things professional (plus the occasional happy hour), the need to stand out and virtually rep your brand only grew. Bentley Media Group is offering custom, branded video backgrounds perfect for your next Zoom session. Click here to see an example and hear more.

Ready to take your message beyond the video call? Pairing our impressive library of creative stock footage with exciting voiceover work, our Contactless Commercials are the best way to generate standout video content while limiting physical contact with other people. Check out two Contactless Commercials and request rates on our website.

“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.“

-Chinese proverb

Now is the time to build a windmill that will last. Your authentic perspective is the most valuable content there is; but there are ways to ensure you’re heard by your target audience. Vignette University is an online course created to help everyone overcome share-fright and create compelling content with you at the center. Students will get expert tips for capturing video and sound on your smartphone without expensive equipment. We’ll also cover how to convey your expertise in a way that’s effective when it comes to growing your audience and building relationships with prospects to boost sales. Enroll here for 60% off.

COVID-19 has undoubtedly touched every industry in our world. In the face of these challenges, we knew we had to abandon business-as-usual and adapt in a way that would serve our clients the best way possible. No matter what the winds of change may blow in next, we’ll keep on being here for you. Hope to see you (on camera) real soon.

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