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Learn to Share (Not Sell) Your Story

Storytelling is an art.

Legends are passed down from generation to generation. Myths are made from their own retelling over and over again. Even only halfway decent plots get to achieve such status as book or movie.

Beginning. Middle. End. Simple ideas, but add characters, context, intrigue, and the ever-important delivery, and all that story starts to get a little complicated. Plus, consider the fact that today’s digital world is drowning in stories, good, bad, and everything in between, and all desperately vying for views.

How are those with the important stories expected to compete? Storytellers aren’t fighters, and yet brands are far too often forced to focus on getting their message in front of everyone else’s. Content should not equal commercials, and your story is more important than analytics.

Your marketing strategy is hopeless without powerful, genuine storytelling. It’s an absolute must, says Forbes:

We are genetically wired to love and respond to stories, and a memorable brand story is exactly what people need to feel connected to your business, have a lasting positive impression of who you are and what you stand for, and become loyal clients.

When creating your marketing strategy, don’t forget about the bigger story: what makes you human?

That’s a big question, and as we’ve already established, telling your story is no easy task; but it’s something we take seriously here at Bentley Media Group. Our award-winning strategic video marketing services has helped businesses, individuals, and causes of all sizes craft their message in a way that’s impactful and memorable.

Learn strategies to solidify your message and branding, discover your unique points of difference, and arm yourself with the how-to's of crafting your story at our free workshop on Tuesday, December 10 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Forsyth County Library.

In this highly interactive seminar, you’ll learn the tried-and-true strategies used by video marketing pros and how to empower yourself to craft the best version of your story.

(Admission is free and registration is not required. Find more details here.)

About our founding storyteller, Maxwell Bentley:

Maxwell Bentley is the Founder & Executive Producer at the Bentley Media Group. He is a business and communication aficionado who specializes in producing "films that excite" for brands across the United States such as Quantum National Bank, Kennesaw State University, and Roblox. In 2017, he produced a trailer for the Xbox title Super Bomb Survival and served as the lead editor for the Roblox app trailer. He was named one of seven finalists for Business of the Year in Forsyth County, GA in 2018 and 2019. He sits on the advisory board for the UNG Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and on the AV Council for the Forsyth County School System. He lives to grow companies where his clients and his staff feel successful.

A self-described “Georgia boy to the core,” Maxwell enjoys fried chicken and believes that "there isn't a glass of sweet tea that is too sweet." He is an avid member of Toastmasters International and has provided voice-overs for a variety of formats including TV commercials and online explainer videos. If you ask him nicely, he might narrate your life for a day.

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